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The following words and expressions shall have the following meaning (unless the context does not so permit, reference to the singular includes a reference to the plural and vice versa, and reference to the masculine includes a reference to the feminine and neuter and vice versa):

BAFO Best and Final Offer submitted by a Tenderer;
Basic Project Information Means the initial information provided to a Candidate concerning the Project through the Website;
Candidate A party who has submitted its Expression of Interest;
Commencement Date Means the date on which the contract will enter into force;
Employer Biosort Beringen NV, a limited liability in the process of incorporation under Belgian law (vennootschap in oprichting/société en formation);
EPC-EM Lot Means the electromechanical EPC lot of the Project;
Expression of Interest The expression of the intention to participate in the Project by a Candidate by registering here, which implies unconditional acceptance of the Terms and Conditions;
FIDIC Means the Fédération Internationale des Ingénieurs-Conseils, the international federation of consulting engineers;
Lot Means one of the various lots into which the Project is or will be divided;
Preferred Bidder Means the Tenderer chosen by the Employer on the basis of its evaluation and on the basis of negotiations and clarifications, to enter into final contract negotiations;
Qualification Forms Means the forms that have to be submitted by any Candidate together with its Offer;
Project The project as described here;
Registration Form Means the form to be submitted as Expression of Interest;
Specific Project Information Means any and all additional information provided by the Employer to the Candidates during clarification meetings or in any other manner;
Tenderer A Candidate who has submitted an offer;
Terms and Conditions Means the terms and conditions that can be found here;

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