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Lot EPC-EM concerns the delivery of a sorting plant according to the design & build principle (including commissioning, ... , excluding civil works), which means that the Contractor warrants a complete and ready-to-use installation, functioning according to the standard of proven technology existing on the date of signing of the final agreement.

Therefore the Contractor undertakes to perform, amongst others (but not limited to):

  • Engineering
  • Transport and delivery (DDP on site as per Incoterms 2010)
  • Erection
  • Cleaning
  • Commissioning
  • Necessary tests (e.g. reliability test, performance test, …) and all applicable certificates
  • Delivery of the documentation necessary for the design, building and operation of the plant
  • Examination by NOBO (where applicable)
  • Training of the personnel

The Contractor will be responsible for all units and components, as described (not limitative) below, of the Optimo sorting plant, unless otherwise discussed and agreed:

  • Casing and transportation system in the waste bunker
  • Feeding system
  • Sorting system, incl. identifiers, actuators and all interconnecting conveyor belts
  • Storage and distribution, incl. weighing, as well as conveyor belts going to and from the respective treatment plants
  • Hydraulic system (if applicable)
  • Pneumatic system (if applicable)
  • Electrical connection
  • Instruments
  • Automation and visualization
  • Steel structure

The permitting and the civil works are not within the scope of the Contractor.

The new sorting plant must be energetically optimized, reducing the energy consumption to its minimum. The new sorting plant should be designed holistically with a focus on cleanliness, standardization, operability, availability, ergonomics, maintainability, safe to operate and should fulfill to all applicable legislation (CE machine Directive, noise, VLAREM, …). A high sorting efficiency and high sorting purity are strived for. 

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